In their 18 years of operation Worcestershire based contractor, Phil Days Sports (PDS), believe they have worked on the majority of sports surfaces.  From the humble village cricket square right through to premiership football and county cricket grounds. Over that period they have accumulated a fair amount of Charterhouse kit – however recently, with the increase of synthetic work, they have added to the list.

Toby Grace has been with PDS for about 7 years and holds the position of Business Development Manager.  “We began to notice a trend with the bigger clients we deal with,” he explained, “large sports clubs and schools were starting to get either a sand based or rubber crumb synthetic surface. To be able to provide a service for this kind of maintenance we decided we had to invest in a range of synthetic machinery.”  That’s when the fun started he says, “We looked at the options available and had a few ‘hit and miss’ demos with various suppliers before being put onto Curtis Allen at Charterhouse. We knew them from the other machinery we have, but became very impressed with how knowledgeable Curtis was with regard to synthetic surfaces.  With his help and recommendation we went on to purchase a Verti-Top Vac and an X-Treme Clean, followed by a Rink 1210 top dresser and most recently the Redexim Speedbrush.”

The X-Treme Clean is purposely designed for deep clean and decompaction work and for PDS it has seen service to clean sand filled pitches.  The Verti-Top has been used primarily for cleaning 3G pitches in addition to being put over a sand/rubber crumb surface after the X-Treme Clean has had a pass.

The multi-use Rink 1210 has seen its use double with PDS using it for cricket renovation work for topdressing with sand as well as distributing rubber crumb on synthetic surfaces. Toby continues, “The addition of the Speedbrush to our fleet has proved invaluable. It is primarily used in conjunction with the Rink for infill applications on new build synthetic surfaces – a growing demand we are seeing in this sector.”