The Redexim Group in Holland has announced its plans for the future of the Blec range of products for the UK and Export markets. Production is being set up by Redexim for the 2016 range of Blec machines with initial supply starting in April/May next year.

The Group has also entered into an exclusive agreement with Garry Mumby and his new business, Greenworld Equipment Limited., to work full time with Redexim giving design, technical, application and sales support to the future Redexim Blec business.

Until full production has been set up at their factory, Redexim has put in place arrangements for the supply of a limited number of machines, and Blec parts, over the coming months.

Blec UK, a division of Charterhouse Turf Machinery Limited, has been set up for the supply of the Blec machines and parts to existing and new Blec customers in the UK and Ireland.

Garry Mumby, as the Manager responsible for Blec UK, will handle all sales, demonstrations, technical and service support in the UK and Ireland. He will work with the Charterhouse team to establish a full dealer network over the coming months, ready for the 2016 season.