The Graden Contour Sand Injector is a very valuable tool in the greenkeeper or groundsman’s shed and has been since its introduction to the market.

With its ability to reduce organic matter content and to also provide a stable, healthy and free draining surface, it has been a welcome help to sports turf professionals who have been battling against the unpredictable weather we’ve experienced in the UK for some time now.

The reduction of organic matter is of course the CSI’s main draw but thought should also be given to the fact that it is a superb piece of kit for accurate and effective overseeding on many surfaces.

By using 1mm thickness blades and not using the sand inject function, the Graden can be a huge help in being able to get seed in to the groove left by the cutting blade and giving that seed the crucial soil contact it requires, but be below the cutting height of mowing equipment.

Renovations can be greatly assisted and establishment times can be greatly reduced, allowing surfaces to be brought back to playing conditions far earlier. This is another string to the Graden CSI’s bow and this, along with the fact that different thickness blades (1, 2 and 3mm) can be fitted and the machine be used on many different areas of the course, and indeed on different sports turf, gives it the value for money we all strive for in the care of top quality playing surfaces.