Demands placed on sport surfaces have never been higher; which makes an effective aeration and maintenance regime even more essential. The correct aeration, at the correct time, plays a vital role in successful turf care maintenance, with the iconic Verti-Drain® well known the world over. For sports pitch renovation the Verti-Drain® 7626 is a highly effective machine with its 2.6m working width. It delivers penetration at depths of up to 400mm (16”) and as with all machines in the 76 series of Verti-Drain®, depth adjustments can be made from the comfort of the operators seat via the tractor’s hydraulic controls.

Heavy applications of predominantly sandy materials on sports pitches can help to shape the camber of the surface and improve drainage. Suitable top dressings can be used to connect the surface with the drainage layers beneath by brushing them into Verti-Drain® holes. Within Charterhouse’s Rink range of topdressers, the DS3800 is the largest model.  It offers a spreading width of up to 15m, spreading thickness of up to 15mm and a hopper capacity of 3.8m3. It is also available with an optional cross conveyor.

The provision of favourable germination and establishment conditions are essential to the success of any overseeding operation if high mortality rates are to be avoided. With soil temperatures of 12oC and above, a moist, well-aerated seedbed, close seed/soil contact and reduced shade from existing grasses are primary requirements for rapid development. The concept of the Double Disc range from Redexim is to deliver seed into the soil via two rows of discs, in slits 3cm apart, to ensure maximum germination. The range contains 3 machines, the 1430, 1830 and 2230, offering working widths of 1.4m, 1.83m and 2.2m respectively. They bury the seed up to 20mm (3/4”) deep in the ground, safely away from the weather and the beaks of hungry birds. A massive 230 litre hopper capacity completes the specification. The whole range comes complete with 3-point linkage as standard but a new trailed wheel kit is available as an option.