Photo caption: Peter Knight conducting work with the OxyShot air-injection unit

Both relieving compaction and improving drainage, Ipswich Town Football Club are delighted with the results achieved with the OxyShot air-injection unit from Charterhouse Turf Machinery.

Ben Connell, Grounds Manager explains, “Despite aerating with solid tines throughout the season, during the wet winter we had some problems with waterlogging on one of our academy pitches. I called Peter Knight of Bury Turfcare in December, who deduced there was a pan layer roughly 400mm down causing these areas to hold water. As the OxyShot can work down to a depth of 500mm, he brought the unit in to shatter the pan layer and since then, this area has been free-draining.”

So impressed with the results, Ben had the Oxyshot back a few weeks later to carry out further spot treatments on another problem area. “We worked on an area roughly 10m2 and the results were fantastic. We had some really significant rainfall throughout the winter and while some surrounding areas were very wet, the test patch was free-draining and clear of any puddling. Nine months later and we’re still seeing the benefits of the work, with no compaction to report.”

The OxyShot uses a single 25mm probe to inject air into the soil in four directions, at a pressure of up to 110psi.