Aeration today, the Charterhouse way

Trends, fads and fashions come and go in turf care but aeration remains a key topic for all greenkeepers, especially doing it properly. In previous eras, turf managers may have considered successful aeration to be using the...

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Spurious Tines – a false economy?

It is well documented that aeration is a key task for any turf manager. It can take many different forms – from Verti-Draining; linear aerating with a Verti-Quake or indeed Verti-Coring – but all have the same aim, to allow air…

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Charterhouse become BIGGA Education Supporters

BIGGA are delighted to announce that Charterhouse Turf Machinery are the latest Education Supporter of the association. In their new capacity, Charterhouse will support members and those in the wider greenkeeping…

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